Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sigma 'Born To' Blush

£11.95 – 15.00 depending on where it is purchased. Happy to say that amazon.co.uk are selling Sigma products for one of the cheapest prices. Boxed product weight is 41g.


Rose wine colour 
Glitter that gives warmth on the skin and doesn't make you look like a fairy
Easily blendable 
A little goes a long way 


This colour did not suit me until I changed the colour of my hair, so I am unsure that it would be universal and suit everyone. More a winter colour than summer colour. Not necessarily a bad thing for everyone. 

We got this as a freebie from Beauty B Cosmetics. I would definitely look into purchasing and sampling other Sigma blushes. 

Already well used. 'Born To' be used everyday. Hurrah. 

The rosey wine colour is more clearly seen here and with deep coloured hair, this looks beautiful. When I had lighter hair, this was a little much. 


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