Friday, 11 July 2014

IMATS: Good friends, makeup and a whole lot of shopping…

On 28 June, Kay, my sister Sarah and I, ventured to the International Makeup Artists Trade Show at Olympia for an afternoon of shopping research. We were all IMATS virgins and expected the place to be crammed, but instead, we found the whole experience pretty relaxing and had lots of time to wander around and checkout the makeup on offer.

Plenty of big names were there (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sigma) as well as a few smaller ones. Kay was particularly pleased to see the incredible mink lashes by Velour Lashes and snapped up a couple of pairs. I was even more pleased to learn that no minks are harmed in the process of making them – the fur is simply brushed off them! Please tell me that someone somewhere has that occupation written on their passport….

A selection of the rather fabulous Velour Lashes

Another brand we were pleased to see was Beautiful Brows. The lovely Serena collared us on our way past and promptly sat Kay down to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to fill out your brows with a stencil and powder. Impressed with the results I was next up, to see if Serena could make my uneven eyebrows match, which she did! Sarah followed, and needless to say all three of us purchased a kit. You can read Kay’s full review of it here.

Kay getting the Beautiful Brows treatment

Inglot was another highlight as it isn’t available in UK stores and Kay tells me it isn’t even that widely available in the US. Their stand was makeup heaven, with row upon row of beautiful eye shadows and lip colours. Kay and I both created a palette using their fabulous Freedom System; I opted for a few neutrals while Kay fell in love with their highly pigmented blues and greens. Best of all? The shadows were only £3 each! I know the prices are discounted at IMATS but that bodes well for the retail price. I’ve just had a quick look on and it is in fact very good value for money.

Inglot! And yes, I did buy that gorgeous lip colour I've got my mitts on...

By the end of the afternoon we were all shopped out (despite the much needed pit stop at Pizza Express – thank you Sarah!) and had found plenty of brands and products to try. I even had a set of Paperself lashes on! They may be a bit much for daytime but I’m a real sucker for their butterfly lashes….

Signing up at the Paperself Stand

Look out for full reviews of all the products we purchased soon.


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