Monday, 15 December 2014

Keihl's Ultra Facial Cleanser



PH balanced liquid cleanser for all skin types.


This was another sample from the Selfridges box that just seemed like an ideal size to take on holiday, so I didn’t really have any expectations as such. I just threw it into my wash bag and didn’t give it another thought until I came to use it. It’s a liquid cleanser that you apply to a damp face. As it is quite thick, I like to massage it into my skin when it’s dry, then add a tiny bit of water to thin it out. It lathers up without feeling like a nasty foaming cleanser full of sulphates that will strip skin of all its moisture.


I’m very happy with the current cleansers I have on rotation and wasn’t really looking for another one, but this really surprised me! It is very gentle yet it thoroughly removed all of the residue that can left behind when you’ve just removed your makeup with a balm or oil. I use it most nights and used it in the morning too while I was on holiday, and I'm really pleased with the results.

Kiehl's is a particularly good brand if you are interested in knowing exactly what goes into the products you use. They always list ingredients and make it very clear that an ingredient will never be used based on aesthetics, only if it is beneficial to the skin.


Yes! As I said, I really wasn’t looking for a new cleanser but this one has stolen my heart. Good work Kiehl’s! And thank you Selfridges for introducing me to yet another fab product.

£8.50 for 75ml

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

‘Tis the Season to Feel Grotty'

Although Christmas is edging ever closer, the Autumnbugs/colds and ucky-ness have arrived. Always a bit of a conundrum when you want to look together and you have a stinking cold.

Here’s a bit of advice that I use myself when I am looking rough. This is only what I do and when I get poorly as my skin seems to resemble a lizard. I also don’t tend to breakout (unless I have been using it as an excuse to eat lots of rubbish), so if you’re prone to oily skin when run down and ill, not all of this will apply. 

Firstly, steam. Hot water in the basin, tie hair back, throw a towel over your head and try to breath. It will be good for the skin and the nostrils. 

Medication, especially cold and flu meds, will dehydrate your skin. Drink plenty of water. Exfoliate using something gentle and put a moisturising cream on. Personally, I slap Vaseline around my snout and Yu-Be cream for the face (which is amazing for dry skin).
Use eye cream that is very gentle and soothing and even wrap ice in a kitchen towel and dab it across the sinuses and eye area to de-puff.

Next, I would personally use something like Olay’s 30 Second Wrinkle filler as my wrinkles like to get all prominent when even vaguely dehydrated. The tinkers.

Use some kind of illuminating primer to get rid of sallow skin and use something light, such as a light weight foundation (I use Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua), colour corrector, or BB cream. Despite being tempted, do not pile on the makeup. It will only make you look worse because it will find the dehydrated sections and stick there shouting ‘Look at moi’. Rubbish.

I highlight rather than conceal and if I have to use concealer, I will use something like MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer, which has a high coverage with little product. Be careful around the nose. If you have been wiping it like crazy, the product will stick to the broken and sore skin, making your eyes run and your nose look all two toned. I would double moisturise and then, lightly go over the area with the the left over product on the foundation brush to conceal the redness.

Contour to get some definition. I puff out like a chipmunk when poorly, so this gives me some features. Stick to cream products if super dry or a small amount of powder product if you have a fever. Use a coral toned blush. This tends to add warmth without enhancing the already there ‘I have a temperature and I’m sweaty’ flush.

I use a small amount of concealer on my eye. It will tone down any redness and won’t create a stark contrast between red eyes and colour of lids. Use a liquid eyeliner that is water proof. Create a thin line and a flick if possible. It just gives some shape to puffy eyes. If watering is a problem, cut the eyeliner all together or create a thin line.

Mascara - waterproof and be careful. Your eyes will be more prone to watering. Take it gently and look down and to theside rather than in the mirror. Weirdly, this seems to reduce the watering episode. Let your face be for a while before adding a setting spray. A powder might accentuate the dehydration but if clammy-ness is an issue, perhaps use some to keep everything in place. 

Take a Vic stick or Balsam stick out with you to clear your nose rather than blowing it and removing half of the makeup. Bring the make up with you to touch up patches that have been removed via tissues, rubbing eyes or during a sudden sweat fest. Ewww. 

Drink plenty of fluids; try not to eat lots of naughty food. It won’t actually help you feel better. I always find Barrocca is my friend but I am certainly no doctor, so consult your GP before trying any type of multi vitamin or medicine.  

Hope this helps those of you who have one of the many cold bugs that are going round. The other day, a child sneezed on me, so it’s only a matter of time before I take my own advice.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Holiday Kit by Net-A-Porter

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow beauty-addict? How about this rather fabulous beauty box from Net-A-Porter. It contains 14 skincare, makeup and hair products for just £60 and, being Net-A-Porter, you know it will all arrive beautifully packaged. I'll admit, I don't start thinking about Christmas shopping until December, but if you're a darn sight more organised and are already thinking about the perfect gift for someone, this might just be it. 

The box contains:
Tata Harper's Rejuvenating Serum
Erno Laszlo's Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar
Verso's Day Cream
Susanne Kaufmann's shower/shampoo treatment
SHOW Beauty's Divine Thickening Lotion
This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray
Renouve's Anti-Ageing Every Day Defense Hand-Sanitizer
De Mamiel's Salvation Body Oil
B the Eyebrow Experts' Clear Brow Gel
Malin & Goetz's Vitamin b5 Body Moisturizer
Earth Tu Face's Face Balm
Ilia's Bang Bang Lip Conditioner
Chantecaille's Liquid Lumiere Anti-Aging Face Illuminator

The Holiday Kit, £60. For more details on all the products visit

Monday, 3 November 2014

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant


A gentle rice-based exfoliating powder that activates upon contact with water.


As I've mentioned before, I normally prefer chemical exfoliators to physical ones, as I find they can be unnecessarily abrasive. However, this product is incredibly gentle. You put a small amount of the powder onto damp hands and it transforms into a paste, which exfoliates the skin without scratching it. Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes are released, hence the smoother, brighter skin.

It's a bit hard to demonstrate how the product looks/reacts with water using photos, so below is a video from Dermalogica demonstrating the product in use. It's very cheesy and over the top, but turn the sound down and go with the visuals!



I love it! My skin immediately looked brighter and felt smoother. I don't feel the need to use it every day but it is so gentle that you could if you wanted to. No artificial fragrances or colours which is always a plus.


Definitely. I wouldn't normally spend this much on an exfoliator but it will last me a long time as I'm not using it on a daily basis.

RRP £41.50 for 75g

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Limited Edition MAC Collection

We love a good Halloween-themed MAC collection, and this year its limited edition line is a tribute to none other than the fabulous Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's a logical collaboration really, if you're looking for a red-lipstick-wearing glamour icon then Dr Frank N. Furter is pretty tough to beat! The 21-piece-range includes an array of products from false lashes and pigments to nail lacquer and lipsticks. All in some seriously sexy packaging.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic about transformation, diversity, individuality and fantasy; all elements that are part of MAC's DNA", says James Gager, MAC's senior vice president. Halloween is one of MAC's favourite holidays, and ours too, and if you're looking for a bit of holiday inspiration we hope this helps.....

Rocky Horror Lipstick, £17

Rocky Horror 7 Lash, £11.50

Rocky Horror Powder Blush, £20

You can find PDFs of all the collection looks (including the one above) and details of the products used here.

Find the full collection at but be warned, it's selling out fast!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Clinique Great Skin Lab launches at Covent Garden

Clinique have launched a pop up store in Covent Garden's piazza. The store assists with skin care needs by analysing skin in swanky digital pods. Then, after you've been all 'technologised', I am told that you are given samples of moisturiser that are best suited to your analysed skin. I love freebies. 

After that, clever Clinique people talk to you about your everyday skin routine. There is a chance to sneak a peak at (and hopefully try) the new face brushes and Sonic Facial Soaps. I'm not too sure what Sonic Facial Soap is yet but it sounds all space-agey!

The experience does not stop at skin care. There is fitness advice, nutrition and the expertise of Clinique's founding dermatologist, Dr Orentreich. 

The Lab launched on Friday and will be open Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm and Sunday, 11am-5pm. 


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Long-haul Flight Skincare Routine

As you may have noticed, I have been a little quiet on the blog front lately, having taken a much needed getaway to Florida for some fun and sunshine. A big thank you to Kay for holding down the fort and reviewing some great products in my absence. I definitely want to get my hands on that Benefit Majorette blush!

Now normally I don’t give my skin too much thought on aeroplanes and then I wonder why I land looking red-eyed, dehydrated and generally in need of some TLC. So this time I did my research and put together a selection of products to protect my skin from the nasty re-circulated air.

The result? For the first time ever, I got off the plane with skin that looked considerably better than when I boarded! My husband was giving me some strange looks as I made him touch my face, saying “seriously, I’m not being funny but look how great my skin is!” He might have thought I was crazy but ladies, I know you'll understand my excitement, so here is my new routine:


I don’t wear makeup to get on a flight (well maybe I whack on a bit of concealer and fill in my brows but that doesn’t count right?!) but I still start by giving my face a quick cleanse. I know face wipes are generally a massive no-no but these ones are great. They are gentle on your skin and infused with brightening Vitamin C and firming micro algae. They have a delicious vanilla-orangey smell too! 
Currently £25 for 100 on, (half price) 
Note: I believe they have now been re-branded as The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths.


I then give my skin a quick moisturise using my old faithful Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, which you can read a bit more about in my July Skincare Routine here.
£17 for 50ml,


Next up is a spray of Beauty Elixir. This product is a bit of a cult classic with an impressive following but one that I hadn’t tried before. It was inspired by the centuries old ‘elixir of youth’ used by Queen Isabelle of Hungry and a quick spritz adds an instant burst of radiance to your complexion. I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the hype, but the 30ml was perfect size for a flight so I thought I’d give it a go. My verdict? I love it! The scent doesn’t really do it for me but it is refreshing and it certainly perks up my complexion. Very happy with this one! I also used it regularly after a tiring day on holiday before putting on makeup for the evening and it definitely rejuvenated the ol' face.
Currently £9.50 for 30ml from 
Note: Usual RRP approx. £11.50


This is a long name for a little product! It’s a nice, hydrating, quickly absorbed eye cream, but as always I haven’t seen any spectacular differences. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks though, and while I was on holiday I was sporadic in my application of eye cream to say the least, so the jury is out until I’ve given it a fair trial. It did the trick nicely on the plane however and kept the skin around my eyes well moisturised.
£46 for 15ml,


Next I slap on a layer of this mask. When I purchased it in Selfridges, I asked if they had any samples and they gave me a small travel size to take on the plane. (Always ask for samples when you're making a purchase ladies, they'll happily hand them over and the small sizes are perfect for travel.) It’s a clear mask which is exactly why it’s ideal for a flight (you’re going to get some funny looks if you slather on something white or green). It’s pretty thick but exactly how quickly it absorbs depends how much you put on. Don’t be afraid to apply a generous amount on a flight though, it really does prevent your skin from drying out! A little goes a long way and you would normally only use this a couple of times a week, so the full size tube will last a long time.

£23 for 100ml at


It might be an idea to use something a bit more hydrating on a plane, but as I was just trying to protect from dehydration I felt Vaseline was enough, so I packed my favourite cocoa butter. As we all know, Vaseline's useful for everything from moisturising cuticles and removing makeup smudges, to taming brows and highlighting cheek bones, so it's a useful multi-tasker to have in your hand luggage.
£2.18 for 20g,


This came in a bargain of a Selfridges Beauty Box I purchased a while back (£120 worth of products for £30? Yes please!) and was a nice size to pop in my hand luggage. It absorbs quickly, has a 96% natural formula and is hypoallergenic and paraben-free. The packaging isn’t very glamorous but it has a nice scent and it does the job so no complaints here. It's now on my desk and I enjoy slapping it on throughout the day.
£8 from, although I’m pretty sure you can get it for as little as $1.99 in the US!

And that's about it! I topped up the Beauty Elixir, Eye Cream, Mask and Lip Balm mid-flight, used another face wipe before landing, moisturised and put on a bit of concealer and I was good to go. Like I said, my skin was better when I arrived in Orlando than when I left England! It might seem like a long list of products but it really isn’t, they only take a matter of minutes to apply and the results were really worth it. The Origins mask and Caudalie Beauty Eixir kept my skin looking good all holiday and are now firm favourites.

There is one other secret to looking good when you get off the plane. Don’t touch the plane food! I took all my own healthy snacks and it was the best long haul flight decision I’ve ever made, I can't tell you how much better I felt for avoiding all the nasty pre-packaged processed food. Lastly, remember to hydrate your skin from within and drink plenty of water. If you end up being that annoying person that has to go to the bathroom 10 times then so be it... And on that delightful note I'll wrap things up! But if you have any of your own recommendations for in-flight skincare then please do let us know, we'd love to hear them.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Glossybox Goodness

I have subscribed to Glossybox on and off for several years and for as little as £8.50 a month you get five beauty products delivered straight to your door. Recently, I have been impressed by their unique box designs that have become sturdier, sleeker and down right fun. 

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty…..


The Karen Millen watercolour London scene is quintessentially British but in a contemporary way. 
The fact that Glossybox also had an after work gathering with prosecco (to celebrate the collaboration) makes me like it just a little bit more. Unfortunately, Jen couldn't make the event as she was at the Savoy having a fancy smancy celebratory time with her sister and dad. (Happy birthday, John!) However, I'm sure that the next time the words 'free' and 'prosecco' are bandied around, Jen and I will both be there, with bells on....and goblets at the ready. 

My favourite products: 
A fairly reasonably sized Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Power Serum (15ml)
Skin PEP Dark Circle Eraser Growth Factor Eye Cream (what the flinking flanking heck is growing? My eyes? Eye bags?)
More Brows by Model Co (you can read my full review here). 


Nuxe Paris Masque Crème Fraiche (50ml)
etre belle LipLift Peel (15ml)
So Susan Flutter Mascara (4g)
Full sized Ciate nail polish in Ditch the Heels
Rimmel BB Cream (8ml)
Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour L’Eau de Parfum (16floz)

The mask looks great and perfect after a long week of hectic-ness. I am also excited by LipLift Peel. This is something that should be used once a week, to gently remove dead skin cells and supposedly, it keeps the lips looking smooth and soft. Hurrah. Red lipstick, here I come.

The BB cream doesn’t really bother me either way, but if it is good, it will be useful for travelling.

Full sized Ciate nail varnish….why thank you Glossybox, thank you. The green colour makes me happy. Perhaps it will rival the Sephora Formula X nail varnishes?

I appreciate that the perfume is in an actual little bottle and not a sample spray. Nice touch.

I will try the mascara. I wasn’t that impressed with the concealer palette from the same company but I will give it a whirl. The Essense I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume mascara that I received a few months ago in one of the boxes was amazing, so fingers crossed…or maybe eyes would be more appropriate. No, I’d walk into things.

The only negative, the black shredded paper.... It gets all over the product!

But, all in all…..Glossybox has seriously improved. I genuinely get very excited about receiving it every month. Small pleasures, especially as this doesn’t make me put on weight, or have to exercise, or even move too much. Lovely.

Prices range from £8.50 to £10 per month depending on the length of the plan you choose. Visit for more information

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Model Co More Brows

Recently, I’ve been rushing to get ready. Be it getting out of bed late or getting home late for work and rushing to look vaguely presentable and not like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.
In one of my rushing moments, I picked up More Brows, which I received in September’s Glossybox. Is it my imagination but is Glossybox becoming epic? For the last few months, nearly every product has been great and their recent boxes have been really pretty. Bravo.

Anywho, I decided to test it out, hoping for a quick fix.According to the brand, the product is a brush-on fibre gel that gives the look of fuller, thicker brows.

From the picture, you can see the small fibres that are brushed onto the brow. Sounds creepy and possibly weird looking but it looks pretty darn good. 

Before application....looking tired and bluhhh! 

After....still tired and bluhhh but, with fuller brows! 

I have quite the bushy brow but this is quick, easy, keeps brows in place, doesn’t feel hard when dry (nobody wants a crispy brow) and does not look over done. I don’t have a Scouse Brow (my friend Brianna will be disapointed by that!)

The only thing to watch out for is that the product can leave a small clump of the product when first brushing it through. It’s easily removed though.

Longevity = all day. I have been rained on and it's stayed in place. 

Later that day..... 

At the moment, because getting out of bed is quite the ordeal, I’m using this daily. It’s not that I like it better than my ‘Beautiful Brows’ but it takes far less time.

Not sure if I would wear it on holiday. Don’t fancy fibres running down my face whilst tanning and sweat festing but, I would willingly test it out. However, If it doesn't budge in a down pour, humidity might not move it either! I should have got Jen to take it to Florida with her and she could have tested it. Just a note to looking forward to the many presents that you are bringing me back! Mwahaha! 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush

© Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit has come out with a cream to powder blush. Being someone who prefers the application of a cream blush, this makes me chirpy, especially when considering how good their cream eyeshadows are. 

© Benefit Cosmetics
This is a peach-pink that, according to the Benefit website, can be applied using the finger tips. Hurrah. Perfect for being out and about.

£23.50 for 0.24oz,

Monday, 6 October 2014

Thank You and Expansion

Jen and I have been really enjoying developing 'Your Beauty Best Friend'. It's a good release for both of us and for me, this is the first hobby that doesn't involve some kind of sporting activity. Hurrah! Frankly, me old bones are grateful. Thank you to friends, family and those of you have stumbled across our blog for reading our rambles. Very much appreciated. 

To give a bit bigger a shout out, we have created an Instagram, Twitter and most recently, a Facebook account. 

If you fancy having a gander, search your_beauty_best_friend (or search Kay and Jen) on Instagram

@YourBeautyBF on Twitter 

JenandKay YBBF on Facebook. 


Thursday, 2 October 2014

L'oreal Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Lip Sticks

Six celebrity spokeswomen have helped to create their own, customised lipstick colour for L'Oreal's Colour Riche Collection. These are all nude shades, with hues of pink, peach, taupe and gold. I got my mitts on Julianne Moore's Barely Peach and J Lo's Nude.


Colours: wearable nudes. 
Enhances femininity and adds an air of sophistication. 
Creamy consistency. 
Can be worn with any outfit. 
Brilliant for 'no make up' make up days. 
Smells slightly floral, which could be a negative for some. 


Needs to be re-applied fairly regularly. J Lo's colour comes off quicker than Moore's Barely Peach. 
Can smudge below the lip line. 

Julianne Moore's is the top colour, with J Lo's below. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sephora Formula X nail varnishes

The Sephora brand is just bedazzling at the moment. Everyone and their dog has heard about Sephora's nail varnishes and lip creams, which is basically why I bought both on holiday. I have watched too many YouTube videos praising them to not grab them! I did have to control myself and I didn't buy every colour.... only because bankruptcy might not be fun. I would have happily brought 50+ nail varnishes back in my suitcase. 

After a general perusal, I ended up buying a nude and two summer colours: a hot pink (which is my favourite pink to date and lord knows I have a smattering of pinks) and a mint green. Proper mint green. I love it. 


• Dries quickly (mind you, I do tend to put on Quick Drying Drops) but it's still pretty good. 
• Long lasting. The mint lasted six days before chipping, the pink lasted five days and the nude lasted seven days. Obviously this will depend on how much you use your hands (immature smirk) 
• Easy to apply. 
• One coat is practically opaque, two coats will ensure that it is. 
• The top cap means that travelling is easy – no spillage. 


• Some colours last better than others. 

In a flamboyant moment, I declared that I would throw out all of my other nail varnishes and replace them with Formula X. Perhaps that would be taking it a bit far but these really are the dogs b***ocks or, as I prefer to say, the badgers batters.  

Please excuse the fingers. I blame my dad.... must have been some dodgy chubby finger genes. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel


Jo Malone describes this on their website as 'a luxurious gel that moisturises dry, dehydrated or weathered skin'.


The Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel was a gift from my lovely brother in law who had heard that it can help alleviate skin irritation such as eczema, something I occasionally suffer with on my hands as a result of stress. (My doctor previously advised I avoided washing up and only wore expensive jewellery which I asked for in writing to no avail...)

It's a bit hard to describe the consistency of this product. It is similar to Vaseline but not as solid, a bit like if Vaseline has gone slightly molten on a warm day. It is very rich and the Vitamin E supposedly helps to fortify the skin against the damaging effects of sun, wind and pollution.


This is a fantastic multitasking product. Not only has it helped my hands but I have also used it overnight as a lip balm and even a small amount on my face if it is feeling dry. I recommend reading a few product reviews online to find out more about just how versatile it is.


Yes! It's a little pricey but well worth it as it does the job and a little bit goes a long way.

RRP £64 for 30ml

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Urban Decay to release Vice 3 Palette!

Urban Decay has confirmed that it's releasing the Vice 3 palette! The Vice 1 and 2 have already been a big hit, with the first selling out, prompting the second to be released and now, thankfully, a third.

According to rumour-ville, it is likely to be launched near Christmas and in light of UD's current palettes, such as Electric, I'm excited to see some crazy, out-there pigments. The Vice 1 and 2 were around £42, so I would hazard a guess that the Vice 3 will be a similar price. I'm genuinely excited to see the packaging...and the colours....and to buy it! Excited in general.

Urban Decay's Electric Palette

Thursday, 28 August 2014

New YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

This new foundation from Yves Saint Laurent is "A game-changer in the beauty world". Quite a bold statement Stylist magazine, but when you consider the supposed 24 hour flawless coverage, it has sparked some serious excitement and anticipation in the beauty community. 

The ultra light consistency and guarantee that the product will stay in place from morning to night suggests that this foundation will be comfortable to wear and not feel like cement has been applied to last through the day. Hurrah. 

The 16 shades correspond with The Touché Éclat foundation shades and it is available at various beauty retailers for £30.50. For more information visit

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sephora Cream Lip Stains

From top to bottom, No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, No. 6, No. 8.
My boyfriend and I had a culture packed holiday in Italy this summer. Having toured The Sistine Chapel and Vatican, we set out to look at The Trevi and have a sit down on The Spanish Steps. It was then that I noticed people were carrying Sephora bags. I literally stopped dead in the street and began harassing poor Italians as to where Sephora was located. It turns out there are three. We visited two (only because I didn't realise there was a third!) and I picked up a selection of Sephora Lip Creams.


Long lasting 
Colour does not bleed 


Can be a little drying- I wear a lip gloss over them, usually a clear gloss and that sorts the issue. 
Colour can transfer onto teeth so do the whole finger in mouth trick (I realise that I'm immature but that's made me smirk.) 

From left to right, No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, No. 6, No. 8.