Friday, 18 July 2014

Benefit High Brow Glow


A beauty tip that has been circling for years is to highlight and tight line eyes with a bright coloured (usually white) pencil if tired, to give a bright eyed look and dispel any suggestions of late nights, sleepless nights or a hangover. 

When I saw that Benefit had brought out a champagne coloured highlighting pencil, I was excited. Using a white colour can sometimes be too much of a stark contrast to tired eyes, so a warmer shade seemed perfecto! I love Benefit and they have so many wonderful products (don't even get me started on my love for their primers!) but this one is just so blah.
Swatching it, the product looks beautiful. Subtle but visible and illuminating, however underneath the brow or on the water line, it's non existent. It doesn't do anything. I am hoping that it's because I have quite oily lids and so on other people's eyes, it shimmers and widens the appearance. On a happier note, during the same spendy trip, I bought That Gal Primer (review in my recent Makeup Routine post) but I am disappointed that the High Brow doesn't do what I hoped it would. 

A beautiful highlight on the hand. None existent on the brow bone. Quite frankly,  I could have done with some serious highlighting anywhere on the eye when this was taken. 



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