Friday, 4 July 2014

Beautiful Brows

Wandering around IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) last weekend was a thoroughly lovely experience. I was genuinely expecting wall to wall people. However, although it was busy, people were polite and it was a relaxing experience.....and we were surrounded by makeup! Yey!

After we had wandered around (and I had gone crazy at the Inglot stand), Jen, Sarah (Jen's sister) and I stumbled across Beautiful Brows.


Ok, a quick sum up.... a product that is £38, which comes with the brow colour, highlight colour, tweezers, brushes, templates and literally takes sixty seconds to apply. The brows appear immaculate and the product can be reapplied twice or three times for a strong, dramatic brow look. It lasts 24 hours and does not budge when swimming, working out (tested) and in hot/humid climates (again, tested). It is removed with eye make up remover, specifically oil based remover. Also, if used everyday, it lasts two years because you need such little product. If not, it will remain useable for five years. 

I do not have a bad word to say about this product. It's seriously amazing. Sarah, who is fair, suddenly had natural looking eye brows and you could not tell that she had used a brow product. Jen and I were both the slate colour, which is so odd, as both of us have only ever used brown products, but anyone from light brown to dark brown is likely to be the slate colour. 


I apply the 'natural' template. I hold it, making sure that the highest point of my brow matches with the highest point of the template (the first few times takes a little while to place on the brow). Then, touch the brush in the slate powder and brush it through the brow one way and the other (towards and away from the direction of the brow hairs). 
If you make a mistake, you have 10 minutes to sort it before the brow powder sets. 

That's it! So easy, so quick and a lovely looking brow. Even someone who is seriously uncoordinated (direct quote from my mother) can do this. Plus, I have quite bushy brows and they seem to be behaving. Hurrah!


Yes. In two years time! 

If anyone would like to see a step by step demo, please let me know.


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