Friday, 30 May 2014

Champagne, cupcakes and the official YBBF launch party

On Sunday, we celebrated the official launch of Your Beauty Best Friend with a gathering at Vista, the rooftop bar overlooking Trafalgar Square. The weather was very much in our favour and we spent a lovely sunny afternoon doing what we do best; drinking with friends and talking about beauty products.

We would like to say a big thank you to all who came along and supported us. We have a sneaking suspicion that some of the boys were more interested in the cupcakes than the cosmetics but that’s fine by us, we appreciated the moral support!

The rest, however, were hugely helpful – telling us their favourite brands, swapping product recommendations and offering feedback on how we can make the blog as interesting and useful to as many of our readers as possible.

Originally we were going to be seated in the gallery section, which has the best views, but we got bumped to an area a little further back. We were a bit miffed initially (don’t they know who we are?!) but when we found out it was to make space for Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to be interviewed about their latest film The Edge of Tomorrow, we couldn’t really complain. Unfortunately by the time we had the bright idea of giving a YBBF cupcake to Emily’s PR people, she had already left. Darn it! Probably for the best though, a lot of champagne had been consumed by this point and no doubt we would have scared the poor woman….

The rather beautiful YBBF cupcakes

All in all it was a fantastic afternoon and we are excited to discuss all the feedback we received and get working on some new features that we hope you will all enjoy. For those of you who weren’t at the party we would still love to hear your opinions; send us an email to and let us know what you think of the blog and what you would like us to write about in the future. 

Last but not least, we must say an extra thank you to two people. Firstly to the lovely Kendra Grey, who sadly couldn’t make the party but who designed our wonderful blog banner, and secondly to Christa Georghiou for making the most incredible cupcakes for the event! Both very talented ladies indeed.

Make up talk with Rachel, Chloe, Lily and Robyn
Chloe testing the Sleek Matte Me in Party Pink

Never too young to get to grips with lip liner.... the lovely Lola and her very patient Aunty Sarah!

Make up, cupcakes and champagne.... YBBF heaven!
Kay, Jen and Pam having a sneaky drink before the guests arrive...

Friday, 23 May 2014

New – They're Real Push-Up Liner from Benefit


Benefit's best-selling They're Real Mascara now has a new companion – the They're Real Push-Up Liner! It took five years of development to produce the innovative AccuFlex tip, which hugs the lash line and makes it super easy to apply. Gel liner can be notoriously difficult to work with, especially if you are in a hurry and don't have time to spend hours perfecting your cat-eye flicks, so any product that makes the process easier gets our vote.

Don't believe that it's easy to use? Here's a little instructional video in case you find yourself in the back of a police car in handcuffs and need to apply liner for your impending mug shot.....

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kay's Beauty and Skin Care Routine – April 2014

So, finally, I have stopped looking like a craggy old hag. Thank goodness for that. Hurrah all round. I've updated my skin care and makeup routine and my skin looks healthier and far more radiant, which, quite frankly, is about blooming time. So this is a routine review, including all products that I am currently using. The prices are what I paid for them and so they might change depending on where and when they are purchased.


No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser, £9.50 for 150ml
The No7 Cleanser is good but not as good as the Clarins Pure Melt. However, the price tag is much nicer and it does a very similar job. Massage into the skin and wash off with warm water, preferably with a wash cloth.
REPURCHASE? Yes, but I prefer Clarins 
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydrating Cleanser (a gift but approx. £17 for 125ml) 
This Elizabeth Arden Cleanser is creamy but not foamy. It is designed for dry skin and leaves a smooth finish.


Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make up Remover, £8 for 250ml
The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make up Remover is just what it says, gentle. I apply a little on a cotton pad and swipe over the eyes. It removes make up effectively but if there is too much product on the pad, it can be a little overwhelming. Camomile everywhere!
REPURCHASE? Maybe not, my eyes are fed up of drowning in camomile.


Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, £25.00 for 50ml
I love the Enzyme Peel. This type of exfoliator works much better for my skin than anything with exfoliating beads. Apply it like a mask and leave for 10-15 mins. It smells AMAZING. It reminds me of Petit Filous yoghurts.... Smells edible and makes me peckish.  
REPURCHASE? Yes, tis excellent.


Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask, £12 for 100ml
The Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask is a thick, pinky cream. Its consistency and texture looks and feels like it's doing marvellous things. It's meant to be left on for 5-10 minutes but sometimes it can get quite tingly, especially around the lips...perhaps because it shouldn't be on the lips. What am I trying to do, eat it?!
I usually use it 2–3 times a week and I do notice the difference in my skin when I don't use it. I just don't like the stinging, tingly issues! It applies like any other mask but be really careful not to get it in your eyes, even washing it off, as it will sting if vaguely near them. 
REPURCHASE? No, the tingly stinging doesn't thrill me.

Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask, £30 for 30ml
The Clarins Eye Mask is so gentle and soft and I definitely notice a difference to the texture of the skin around my eyes when I don't use it. It's keeping those crow's feet away, a mask at a time!
The Eye Mask is to be applied around the eye area (shocking, nobody would have guessed...) and I also use it on the lid. It's very gentle and actually, acts as a barrier between the Elizabeth Arden Mask and the eyes.


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Toner (birthday gift – approx. £20 for 200ml) 
I don't really have an opinion on this toner. I'm a bit so-so but it isn't drying and it is refreshing, so actually I do have an opinion... it works for me but isn't amazing. I spritz it onto the face. This means decanting because it doesn't come in a spritzy bottle.
REPURCHASE? Meh.... No real opinion. I'd rather try the Pixi tonic.


Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Crème SPF 15, 3g
( A very lovely birthday gift from la big sister, which came with the Truth Serum and Truth Crème Advanced Hydration – approx. £40 for the set). 
The Ole Henricksen Total Truth Eye Crème is thick but absorbs quickly. Smooth and creamy. A little goes along way but get even a tiny bit of product in or too near the eye and it stings like you would not believe. Dab under the eye. To be fair, I do one long swipe (that sounds rude) which can pull the delicate skin, so note to self... probably best not to do this.


Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster (15ml- from set) 
The Ole Henricksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster smells amazing and I have noticed a visible difference from using it. Love it.
Apply straight onto the face. Do not waste product by warming between the hands. Slap it on.
REPURCHASE? Yes but want to try the REN Omega 3 serum first.


Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream, £13 for 37ml 
I have no clue if the Yu-Be product should be used on the face. It's from Japan and, like a lot of Asian skin care products, it's awesome. It is vitamin enriched and according to SpaceNK, it is Japan's number one selling skincare cream. It contains antioxidants and camphor, which calms my redness and protects the skin. In the morning, my lines are visibly reduced, make up applies so much smoother and doesn't cling to fine lines. The texture of the skin has improved and it is smooth and hydrated. This is the best (and cheapest) moisturiser that I have ever used and nothing comes close to it. Sorry Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex, you have been replaced.
Gently dab on and blend. I put extra on my forehead and the temple area, as this is where lines are starting to set up residence.

REPURCHASE? Yes and I have done so, three times. The best beauty find in a long while. Thank you Glossy Box UK for the samples. I would never have found this without you. 

I apologise for the smirk, I was laughing at myself for taking a selfie. Although I will not win photographer of the year, the routine above has massively helped to reduce fine lines and improve the texture of my skin, especially the redness on my cheeks. No filter used here...again, poor photography on my part.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

MAC's Maleficent Collection – fit for a Disney villain!


You can't beat a good MAC collaboration and here at YBBF there are two things we are particularly passionate about: makeup and Disney. So to say we're excited about MAC's Maleficent collection would be an understatement! In keeping with true Disney villain style, it features powders and highlighters for flawless yet dramatically contoured skin, fluttering false eyelashes and a dose of blood red gloss.

With the help of special effects make up artist Rick Baker (who has previously created a collection for MAC), Angelina Jolie brings the classic Sleeping Beauty villain to life, and the Maleficent makeup is a reflection of that classic look.

At the heart of the collection is a beautiful bold red lipstick, True Love's Kiss (pictured above, £16.50). Also pictured above from left to right: Nail Lacquer in Uninvited (£12), Sculpting Powder in Sculpt (£20) and the Maleficent Palette eyeshadow quad (£33).

For the rest of the collection visit Now available online and in stores in the US from May 15 to June 26. Don't miss out!

Maleficent is in cinemas from May 30 2014

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother


Hair smoothing serum, which moisturises, prevents frizz from humidity and protects against heat from styling.


It moisturises hair and creates a smooth finish once blow dried. I tend to use a hair oil prior to applying it, but not always, as it is a moisturising product itself. What I particularly like is that it helps to give a smooth finish to the hair and protects against heat damage. This is very handy if you're rushing in the morning; it's fewer steps to do, even if it is skipping a quick spray of heat protector. The smell is yummy, in fact most Aveda products smell amazing – a spa in a bottle some may say! According to the Aveda blurb, three of the ingredients are bergamot, sandalwood and bulgarian rose. I have no clue how to describe this scent but a sophisticated spa day sums it up. 


The small or sample size is a tube, but the full size has a pump to distribute the product. The product itself is serum-like in texture. 


Apply to wet hair. The amount of product depends on how much hair you have. I fairly short hair, which to be fair, probably isn't that short by most people's standards, but having cut 5-6 inches off it certainly seems that way to me! (Thank you to Sam at Treat, whom I utterly trust to have scissors near my hair.) A 5p size is a good amount of product. I apply it to my ends and then work it through the rest of the hair. I keep it away from roots as I have fine hair, which can look limp and a tad grotty if it is overwhelmed with product. Again, where this product is applied will depend on hair type and how easily hair absorbs product. 

I didn't buy this product. I was given several Aveda samples, some which suit my hair, some which don't, so I'll be giving those to Jen. (Jen, remind me to do this!) However, if I had purchased this, it would be exactly the same review. Obviously, this product suits my hair type, so it would be interesting to see if people with thick hair, or longer hair find this a useful product – again, Jen, remind me to pass this over to you!


Yes but as I am fairly faddy when it comes to hair and make-up, I might want to try some different hair serums/smoothers first. 

£19.50 for 100ml

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brighten Dark Circles Eye Cream



Eye cream boosted with light diffusers to target dark circles.


I saw this on offer in Boots and, always on the lookout for a new eye cream, I thought I’d give it a try. I've never tried anything from the Super Facialist range before but it looked ideal as I want an eye cream that targets dark circles rather than focusing on fine lines. 


This is a lightweight fragrance-free cream that is hydrating and absorbs quickly, making it ideal if you are about to apply your make up. You just need to take a small amount (the size of a grain of rice) and than tap it gently around the eye area using your ring fingers. A little goes a long way so it is good value for money.


Apparently with regular use you should see the eye area become 'noticeably brighter, smoother and firmer in appearance.' Although it was a pleasant product to apply and it absorbed beautifully, I have been using it morning and night for just over a month and haven't seen any visible results. Despite being marketed specifically as a product to help reduce dark circles it hasn’t helped my morning panda eyes one bit! Although maybe I'm asking a bit too much of my products and aiming for a little more sleep and a little less alcohol would be my best bet...


No. I have been using this product for longer than the three weeks recommended in order to see results and haven't seen any difference in my dark circles at all. I will definitely use it up because it's a nice hydrating eye cream (and would happily try other products in the range) but it's back to the drawing board for this panda!

£12.99 for 15ml

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi collaborate with nails inc.

Left to right: Miami Hot, Florida Coral, Deco Cuts, Atlantic Powder


This fabulous four piece nail polish collection is the result of a collaboration between Nails Inc and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, inspired by their spring/summer 2014 collection. Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi have relied on Nails Inc to produce picture perfect talons for their runway shows for several seasons so the collaboration comes as no surprise.

The vibrant summer shades capture the Miami-inspired collection perfectly and while Miami Hot, Florida Coral and Atlantic Powder are matched to three of the collection's key colours, Deco Cuts features multi coloured squares supended in a clear polish, which reflects the geometric prints incorporated in several dresses.

"These polish shades make us think of ice-cream sundaes melting on dreamy holidays", says the design duo. We are inclined to agree!

Available from the end of May at and nationwide from June.