Friday, 22 May 2015

YBBF Challenge: nourishing haircare products

We extended our YBBF challenge to our followers on Instagram and @sarahhamburgers requested some advice on products for nourishing long hair, particularly natural ones. 

Jen and I both have long hair but Jen's is in much better condition than mine! To be fair, mine's been through the ringer with hair dye, dodgy straighteners and bad products when I was a young'un. But over the last few years, my hair has been pretty healthy, until recently. A bout of shingles along my hair line left the hair dry, lifeless and lacklustre.  So, the following products are the ones I have bought to help bring the life and shine back to my hair: 

I bought Pura D'Or Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. As the name suggests, it is marketed as a hair loss preventative but for me, this wasn't really the draw. It was the Argan Oil, SLS free, paraben free and chemical free ingredients and I have to say, my hair has grown like a shaggy beast since using it. However the price tag is steep at £50 for 16 fl oz. The information says that each bottle lasts three months and actually, mine lasted four and a half. 

Something less expensive is Green People's Sensitive Shampoo. With aloe leaf juice, pineapple, green tea, 83% organic ingredients, plus it's free from nasty things like irritating emulsifiers and synthetic scents. It's a lovely, naturally based product that really cleans the hair and doesn't pump it with chemicals.

Aveda's Invati range is also really great for encouraging new hair and healthy hair growth by exfoliating the scalp and removing build up, allowing other products a chance to nourish the scalp. I tend to use it once a week, before using the Pura D'Or.

Ojon's Rare Blend Oil has been my recent hair oil of choice. It acts as a heat protector, so I apply it to wet hair and comb through with a de-tangling comb. It's also great for fly aways after styling. 
I apply it to the ends of my hair if I'm putting my hair up in a top knot bun and I leave them to soak up the product whilst my hair is up. 

Dry shampoo. It's become a beauty bestfriend because let's face it, sometimes we don't get up as early as we should and end up foregoing a hair wash! I have been using Klorane, which has far more natural ingredients and no talcum powder. It's made with nettles and whatever those nettles do, they can keep doing it! It easily brushes out, immediately makes hair look fresher and doesn't coat the hair in lots of yucky product.

Hair masks. I tend to use a mask or treatment once a week. Just after the shingles, I massaged Moroccan Oil into the scalp and hair and left it over night. It really gave the moisture my hair needed. Morroccan Oil's Intense Hydrating Mask is also great and as I don't use a thick conditioner (it weighs down my hair), putting this on for ten minutes or so, gives a moisture injection. 

Nothing beats eating the right types of food to help hair look healthy. Don't get me wrong, products like coconut oil are great for a home made mask but adding avocado to a salad or using coconut oil in baking is so nourishing for your insides as well as being good for hair. I, personally, don't take supplements like biotin. I tried it and my stomach objected! However, I used to take Pefectil's Skin, Hair and Nails Vitamin Supplement and it certainly did work. 

If anyone has any other suggestions for a YBBF Challenge, please comment below or Instagram us at: your_beauty_best_friend. We'd love to hear from you! 


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