Friday, 15 May 2015

Friday Food Favourites and YBBF Challenge

I'm loving smoothies. I tend to make my own and most recently I've been combining a handful of blueberries, a few slices of beetroot, a small handful of kale and an apple. It's an excellent mid morning snack. If I need to go anywhere and want to take my smoothie with me, I have been putting it in a protein shaker bottle, so I can shake it up before drinking it. It's worked wonders! 

I know that Jen has mentioned Ruby's of London before and they so deserved to be mentioned. They made the most amazing red velvet cake for my birthday and coming home to a slice has made the working week very bearable! Especially when it's vegan, gluten free, naturally sweetened and seriously yummy.

I have also found an amazing farm shop that is a healthy food haven. I picked up Doves Farm Agave Nectar Flapjacks, which gives a sugar fix without actually eating sugar. Hurrah! 


All over Instagram, Pinterest and online, I keep seeing the turquoise eyeliner trend. I really like it but when I've tried it, it hasn't looked quite as I wanted it to. Below is an example – the water line is lined with a blue liner but it doesn't make the eyes pop.

So, my challenge to Jen is to find a wearable turquoise eyeliner look that is striking but not too much. 


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