Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Balance Me - Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25

As you know by now, we are always looking out for products that are natural yet effective, however sunscreen can be a tricky one. Products containing spf typically contain a variety of chemicals but as much as we like natural products, sun protection is one area where we aren't taking any risks! So if there is a natural way to protect your skin from the sun then we are all for it.

A couple of days ago an email landed in my inbox about the Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25 from Balance Me and although I haven't tried it yet I felt it was worth sharing. Balance Me is known for its fantastic products that contain almost entirely natural ingredients and I haven't been disappointed with anything I've tried yet. (You can read our review of the Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm here.)

According to the website this moisturiser is 'deeply hydrating, plumping and smoothing whilst protecting skin from sun and environmental damage, premature ageing and pigmentation.' So far so good!

What's in it?

An innovative natural titanium dioxide-based sun filter blocks out UVA and UVB rays. I'll need to do a little more research to understand exactly what that means but I trust Balance Me! Other ingredients include*:
- Hyaluronic acid
- Blackberry leaf extract with essential fatty acid-rich rosehip
- Camellia
- Kukui nut
- Jojoba Oils

This combination should smooth and firm the skin whilst shielding it from the sun, which sounds like a winning combo to me. I think I might just have to put in an order and try this one, in which case I'll write a full review, but in the meantime if anyone has already tried it I'd love to hear your verdict!

£26 for 40ml or £9.50 for 10ml from www.balanceme.co.uk

*You can find a full list of ingredients on the website


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