Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible

This book has become my new best friend (sorry Jen, budge over). So I thought I'd share a few points as to exactly why it is so darn great.

1. It suggests natural products to use but isn't all preachy about it. Nor does it state that totally natural products are the only way forward. It deals with makeup, skin care and beyond.

2. There is a key that really helps to decipher the natural-ness of the products.

3. The information and advice shows an understanding of botanical ingredients that are effective and companies such as Origins, This Works and Liz Earle that create such products. 

4. The photography makes me happy.

5. It includes DIY beauty remedies, from teeth whitening to face masks. When I feel crafty, I shall try some of these.

6. Each product is given a daisy rating from the key and quick reviews from a range of consumers looking at performance and quality.  

7. The book is pretty. It fits in my living room. It's on display on my table. 

8. It's written by Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley (who co-found Green and Black's Organic Chocolate...yum) who have worked together for years, including writing for The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine, multiple books and have an excellent website, (look at the Insider Deals section).

9. It teaches you to read labels effectively but warns people not to be paranoid. This is exactly what Jen and I think. A smidgeon of iffy ingredients probably won't have a major impact. It's about being a lot more aware and not worrying too much.

10. It's well written with useful advice that I will take on board.

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible is published by Kyle Books, web price £15.99 (RRP £19.99)


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