Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Craving sugar?

It's about this time, halfway through January, that resolutions to eat healthier, be healthier and everything else healthier are starting to dwindle. I mean, it's cold out. We are still waiting for a snow day (aka, a day off) and it's dark and rainy and have I mentioned that it's cold? That whole shamozzle does not help anyone to be 'healthy'. 

However, not trying to do everything at once is probably better. Cutting out anything vaguely fattening and working out three hours a day probably isn't motivating and enough to make anyone want a Dairy Milk.  If you have fallen off the wagon, do not worry. Try it again...slower. You haven't failed. You have worked out what doesn't work for you and realised that you need to alter the way that you do things. Research, if you will. 

There is one main change that I have made. I have cut out sugar from my diet. Salt is in. Bread is in. Pasta and anything else that I fancy is in. I was asked to do this by medical professionals prior to Christmas to help my good bacteria multiply. I did it to help my symptoms and at this point it wasn't to help my appearance. 

However, after a week I felt so much better. My cramp in my legs had gone, sickness had gone, bloating had gone. I was starting to be a convert to this no sugar thing. Of course, I did lose weight, which was a bonus but taking that out of the equation, I had more energy, I didn't feel jet lagged and my skin was so much better. I did not look sallow. The eyes weren't looking tired, nor red (not devil like but blood shot) and my early signs of aging seem subdued. It was a Christmas miracle! 

I have decided to continue to cut sugar out for a while longer. I want to see how my skin and innards will fair in the long term. So, for me, it's not 'Dry January' but 'Sugar Free January'. I intend to re-assess the situation in February. 

With sugar in so much of what we eat (pasta sauces, juices, crisps, dips, salad sides, dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise, mint sauce, prawn cocktail, baked beans to name but a few) label reading is the key to supermarket shopping. To be really hard core, rule out honey, brown sugar, glucose syrup, fructose, corn syrup, maple syrup, golden syrup, lactose and artifical sweeteners. 

I wouldn't have done this unless I had been requested to but I am so glad that I did. It really does make a difference to how I feel and look. My skin has not looked this bright in years and I have managed to stay up longer than 8.30pm, which means that I am no longer a social recluse. Hurrah! 

If you decide to cut sugar out or have done so already, let us know what you think. Also, if you are still craving a sweet treat try following these Instagrammers for great, clean eating recipes: @sammybfit @withpeanutbutterontop @neuroticmommy @fitness_dishes . These are my favourites for yummy snack ideas that won't leave you on a sugar high. 


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