Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is something that I always come back to because no matter what else I try, nothing comes close to this eyeliner. 

• Price: it's £7.99. Bargain. 
• Colours – I use the black but the product also comes in brown, charcoal and eggplant to help create different looks. 
• Longevity – despite this being in a pot and, therefore, has the potential to dry out, the product lasts for months. I bought my last one in April of last year and have only just opened a new one. 
• Consistency – the liner is oil free and because of the gel consistency it glides across the eyelid, without any pulling, which not only means an even line but helps not to irritate the eye and prevents the aging process by dragging the lid. 
• Long lasting colour – the liner lasts for hours and hours. The packaging states up to 24 hours and, although I haven't worn it for 24 hours, I can imagine that is true. I generally put it on at 7.30am and by 6.00pm, it hasn't moved at all. 
• Pigmentation – the colour is intense but can be used to create a thin line or a super duper wing. It's easily buildable and can create a thick line without looking too much. 
• Safe for sensitive eyes – I find that some products and eye creams can irritate my eyes, especially in the summer months, when my hay fever drives my eyes nuts but this never irritates and the packaging states that it is fine to use for those who wear contact lenses. 

• Ingredients – it's not awful by any means but it's not something like Dr. Hauschka or something that helps to protect the eye. 
• Drying Out – From the ones that I have thrown away, the product has started to dry out but it lasts so much longer than products like M.A.C Fluid Liner. For the price, it certainly is worth it. 
• Brush – a brush comes with the liner but I don't find that it works very well. It's too chunky. I use a Sigma E11 brush, which costs about £14 and works really nicely with the product. However, any angled or thin liner brush would also work. 


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