Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Diorshow Fusion Mono

The Dior Show Fusion Mono is a gel-mousse texture that gives a mirror shine effect when patted onto the lid, but when applied to the crease and intensified it gives a subtle matte definition. The above colour, 821 Chimere, is a rose gold on the lid but adds a little something extra to the 'No Makeup, Makeup' trend when applied to the crease. It's almost as if a contour powder has been used as a crease shade. There's no fall out and judging by comments on Instagram, it can be used as a highlight too. 
The colour lasts and although described as mirrored, it's too not glittery and transparent, it is multifaceted and buildable. I have used it daily and by looking at the product above, it's hardly noticeable, so it looks as if it will last a long while. 

The product is used in the crease to give subtle definition to the eye.

Having read Jen's post on Dior's spring line, I'm excited to see future products! 

£22.50 for 6.5 grams. 


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