Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Diptyque Bougie Parfumee

I love a good candle. Actually, I love buying home bits in general but I am a total sucker for a candle. I had heard that Diptyque was worth a look, with excellent reviews about their longevity (because nobody wants a candle to last a week before it's burnt through), the fragrance and the history behind the company.

The company was established in Paris, France in 1963 and the candles continue to be hand made, containing 8-12% fragrance concentration. This may not seem much but trust me and my nose when I say these candles pack a punch. I had to put mine in a drawer when I first bought it because it was more of an autumn scent and, as I bought it in July, I wanted to save it. However, you could still smell it in its package, with the plastic still on! 

It's not really a surprise when you have a look at the process used to make it. From choosing the right wick, to protecting the scent by filling the glasses to the right amount and temperature, there seems to be a step by step process for it all and, quite frankly, you can tell. A beautiful scent is currently wafting across my livingroom and the candle isn't even lit! That being said, when it is, it promises 60 hours of burning time, which will last through the autumn and be fair, probably until next winter. 

The scent that I chose was Pomander, which to me smells like fruity pumpkin! It's described as 'Christmas joy in a jar' because of its spicy notes, including cinnamon, cloves and orange. 

   £40 for 6.5oz. 

Cost wise, it is on par with Jo Malone scents and actually, scents such as Vanilla and Mimosa come in different sizes and start at £20. As Jen and I often say, you get what you pay for. This doesn't always apply but in this case, it 100% does. 

This was worth every penny and I look forward to the many burning hours of filling my house with this yummy warm, comforting scent. 


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