Sunday, 27 September 2015

Christian Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish

Is this is weapon of some kind? Well, actually yes. It's a nail varnish weapon. The rouge colour is the most popular Louboutin nail polish and its classic red shade (which is deeper than the iconic red sole) makes it wearable and classy.

Yes it's expensive. It is £36.00 per bottle but it's Christian Louboutin and it's good. I am currently on day five of wearing it and it hasn't chipped. Admittedly, I am also wearing a base and top coat but even so, that is good. The only thing is the colour has faded from the top of the nail but only very slightly.

I have bought one for a friend's 30th birthday because, not only is the product amazing and long lasting but the bottle looks so impressive. It's a dressing table accessory as well as a nail varnish. I mean, who doesn't love painting their nails with a giant spike?!

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