Saturday, 13 June 2015

YBBF Fitness: T25

As a teenager and young adult, I danced 90% of the time and didn't even think about fitness. Those days are a thing of the past. Recently, to build stamina and relax, I have been going for a jog. I really enjoy it but when I say jog, I mean the kind of run   that is a menander, being overtaken by snails. It doesn't really act as a calorie busting experience and nor would I want it to. It's about 'me' time and de-stressing.
However, recently, I've wanted something that was more dance like and pushed my endurance. So, I decided to invest in Focus T25. This is what it is in a nutshell:
• A set of at home, DVD workouts. 
• There is a coach that takes you through the exercises and some sweaty looking volunteers! 
• It's a 25min workout – I love that it's a short amount of time. I actually fit it into my day without making random excuses.
• It's from the same company and man as the Insanity workouts. However, that's all a bit fitness heavy for m.
• There are a variety of DVDs that range from Lower Focus to Ab Intervals to Whole Body Circuit. 
• There are different intensities so that you can complete the exercises without feeling totally drained. However, you are supposed to continually move for the 25 mins.
• The fitness guru, Shaun T is truly hilarious. I don't think he's meant to be but his commentary about Derrick and Scott's squats keep me utterly entertained.
• You are constantly reminded that 'Tanya's just had a baby' and yet she looks like she could compete in a triathlon. I'm not sure if that's motivational or demoralising!
 Tanya, the modifier, is on the left. If I looked like this after having a baby, I would be thrilled!

• There are two sets of DVDs; the Alpha and Beta. Alpha is where you start and you are meant to do this for five weeks before moving onto the Beta. I have to say, I have dabbled in both and I prefer the variety of Beta. However, both are very good. 
• You are meant to workout five days a week, doing two DVDs on a Friday. However, I don't double up and I have seen results without following the plan 100%. There is also a day that you are encouraged to stretch. This really helps muscles recover and is relaxing to do. 
• I saw results after three workouts. My skin looked toned and I looked more in shape. However, I originally started this to push my stamina, so this was just a bonus! I have continued to improve. 
• I am not the only one that has found it successful. My sister looked great when she first started (and continues to do so!) and I have had friends who have said the same thing. 
• My muscles haven't ached too badly. I've done the cool downs and stretches, so, it hasn't been a problem. However, those who put 100% into each exercise might find it to be a different experience! 
• It's expensive. It costs £105.96. If you buy it from, you can pay in three monthly installments of £35.32 and if you don't think it's any good, you can send it back after the first thirty days and you won't pay the remainder. 
• For some, the over enthusiastic American whoops and cheers might be a bit much. I find it thoroughly entertaining but it's worth a mention. There is also an option to switch off the music if you want to focus on the movements. 
• There are meal plan suggestions and an online forum to keep up motivation. I don't do either of these things. 
• The exercises do require coordination. I love it because there is a dance quality but saying this, my boyfriend can do all of the moves and he has the dance ability of....someone who can't dance! 

These are my honest views. We are not sponsored by the company and I bought the DVDs with my own money. Please let me know if you have tried it and how it worked out for you. Do you keep to the order or do you do your own thing? 


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