Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Brights

With the weather being warm and some sassy temperatures coming to the UK next week (supposedly!) I am very much enjoying busting out my bright accessories. I love happy, bright colours, so here are some of my favourite ways to add some umph to a simple outfit or take it from day to evening.

1. A bright bag: If colour scares you a bit but you want to incorporate it into an outfit, this is a safe way to go. For me, the brighter the better, without looking like a 90s neon worshipper....that being said, I am partial to neon too! 

Bags from left to right: Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Forever21

2. A statement necklace: Most shops carry these and although they are useful at all points during the year, bright, fun colours can take a simple white t-shirt and make it look like a sophisticated, put together outfit. Oasis and JCrew have some gorgeous ones. 

3. Coloured t-shirt: If it's too hot and sticky to be chucking on a heavy necklace, stick to a light and bright T. Pair it with a calmer toned pair of shorts and you're good to go, oozing summer-ness as you do so.
T-shirt from Next's Summer Collection

4. Scarves: This might be a odd one when you're considering humidity but depending on where you live (or the air con) wearing a bright, summer coloured scarf can add a bit of protection in the evening when things get a bit chilly. Anyone who has had a BBQ on a summer's evening in the UK will know exactly what I mean. Will I wear a scarf in Florida this summer? No, but I do like adding them to plain bags to jazz them up a bit. Just be careful that colours don't transfer!
Scarf from Stella and Dot

5. Flip flops, Sandals and Shorts: If you're happy to, wear prints on your bottom half with a neautral t-shirt or cami on top. If shorts tend to make you feel uncomfortable, or you don't fancy wearing something that says 'look at my patterned hind quarters', then go for one of the many Aztec type of sandals that are available.

Sandals from New Look and shorts from Acessorize


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