Monday, 2 March 2015

March – Glow From Within

Feeling good is definitely linked with confidence. If you do not feel good, you do not feel confident. But looking and feeling good starts from within. Don't get me wrong, makeup really helps, but clear skin, energy, sparkiness and a zest for life really does make all of the difference. Beauty from within, both health and kindness, is a big deal for Jen and me. 

I mentioned in January that for medical reasons, I have had to stop eating sugar. Devastated was not the word. I love Dairy Milk like it's one of my family but the benefits have outweighed the negatives. Not only do I feel much, much better but my skin has started to look younger, my eyes brighter, my skin tone brighter and my chops more chizzled. Hurrah. Everyone loves a good cheek bone. 

However, I have a sweet tooth. To combat that, I have been doing some home baking and asking Jen for some advice (she's been eating a plant-based diet for a while now and is equally enthusiastic about the benefits of choosing whole foods over processed ones). 

Over the next month, Jen and I will be sharing our recipes that will be easy to make, delicious and a much healthier option than your typical pre-packaged food (#GlowFromWithin!). Whether you are trying to be healthier, looking for new recipes or hoping to help clear up problem-prone skin, we're here to help.

Happy eating beauties! 


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