Thursday, 26 February 2015

Two contenders......

As you know, this month we have been looking at makeup products that are high quality and long lasting, yet contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Today I want to share two lip products that I have trialled in my quest to find highly pigmented lip colours that contain as few chemical nasties as possible.


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Meritage

Bite Beauty is a natural lip care company based in Canada. The company's aim is to create high quality lip products that are good enough to eat! My first thought when I tried this product was how creamy it is. Its pencil-shape nib meant that application was easy but the creamy consistency was the issue. It smooshed everywhere, as you can see below...

Although it didn't go over the lip line, it faded from the middle and left a line around the edge of the lip. I loved the colour, the ingredients and the sleekness of the product but it seemed a little inconsistent on the lips. However, I will try other products from this company because I want to like them. They have the right balance of natural ingredients and high end glamour. 

Liz Earle Lipstick in Hibiscus

With Liz Earle creating so many wonderful skin care products, I decided to try some make up bits. The lip glosses were great but contained parabens, which put me off a bit, but the lipstick looked more promising.

It's not a pillar box red, more of a matt red. The name, Hibiscus, seems appropriate as it has a very slight floral scent. However, I really liked the colour, both swatched and on the lips. It lasted fine until I ate something.... then there was red everywhere. The colour had bled way over the lip line and I looked like a five year old who had used her mum's makeup! I wouldn't say that I wont use it again, I will. Just not when I go out to eat.

 The swatch on the left is the Liz Earle and the right, Bite Beauty.


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