Thursday, 5 February 2015

ILIA Neon Angel Pink Lipstick

I set out to find a hot pink lipstick that I intended to wear tirelessly through the summer, which is not totally synthetic and makes use of natural ingredients. It needed to last, be pigmented and vibrant.

After much trawling and testing, I found it. ILIA Neon Angel is described as a bold magenta pink and will be my new favourite summer colour.....and I wore it yesterday too. I know, it's still winter but not sorry. 

When I first opened the lipstick, there was an 'AAAAH...' moment – heavens parted, that kind of thing. The packaging was sleek. It shows that products that have natural ingredients don't have to look hippy dippy and flipping boring. It looked high end and sleek. The metallic case said 'I am a hot lipstick and I'm classy'.

Next, I sniffed it. This may seem strange and yes, I did end up with lipstick on my nose but I am someone who really loves the smell of MAC lipsticks, so I needed to judge whether it was even vaguely similar. It's not as strong but it smells coco buttery. Good enough. 

I then swatched it. I was a little disappointed as I wanted it to be similar to MAC Nicki Viva Glam or Sephora Cream Lip Stains. You know, something 'umphy' but it seemed a little lacklustre. The swatch didn't match the lipstick itself. However, the end just needed to be used a little bit (mind out of gutters please, or is it just me with a dirty mind?) to get the colour going and now, on the first swatch, it's beaut. It is buildable and with two coats you go from pink lips to super duper pink lips.

I put it on and went about my day. I had lunch and a snack whilst wearing it and it stayed in place for five hours without a touch up. It didn't fade from the middle of the lips, which is brilliant because that looks so awful. The colour was consistent.

Left: Concentrating while I applied the lipstick. Right: Five hours later, colour still intact!

I usually wear lip gloss or a balm when wearing lipstick. This is because: 1. I get quite dry lips and 2. I am a big child and constantly lick my lips, rub them together etc, hence why I need to moisturise. With this, I just wore the product. It was moisturising and I didn't feel as if it was drying out until the five hour mark. This may have something to do with the ingredients, including beeswax, various oils, coco butter (that explains the smell!) 85% of which are organic.

I paid £22 from, so yes, it is expensive for a lipstick. You could pay £10 or so more and have one from Tom Ford. However, the price reflects the quality. Buying organic vegetables at Tesco is more expensive than Tesco Value ones and this is certainly not a value product.  

For me, at the moment, finding products that make use of natural ingredients is really important.... if this means that I scrimp on everything else, so be it! If the price makes you raise an eyebrow or two, perhaps put aside a few extra pennies, as the difference in longevity and moisture is noticeable.

We are not sponsored by but if you fancy having a look, it is a great site to explore naturally based products. There is also 10% off when you enter TREAT at checkout. So, actually, that's £19.80 for a lipstick..... she says, whilst reaching for the credit card. 


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