Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sanctuary Therapist's Secret Facial Oil


This moisturising oil is perfect for dry or lacklustre skin. It is moisturising but only use it where it is really needed if you have combination skin. If you use it all over you might wind up looking like the inside of a frying pan! It absorbs well but can take a little while if you use a lot ­– I apply it by the bucket load at night and it takes about an hour to absorb fully.

It is a great base for make-up but only use a small amount and pat it into the skin. I have quite dry skin so it is perfect for me but if you have oily skin it’s probably not the product for you. It has helped the appearance of my fine lines and my skin looks brighter and smooth, however, after a while my skin seemed to get used to it and it didn't work as effectively as it first did. Most annoying!


Bottle with pipette. Excellent for careful distribution but difficult to use when the product is running out. I ended up ditching the pipette and pouring the dregs onto my hand.


Yes, but I might try coconut oil first.

£17.50 for 30ml



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