Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex



Extremely moisturising and not to sound too odd but it feels comforting. It's not greasy and smoothes easily onto the skin. It absorbs quickly and almost feels as if you have a seal over your skin (not to be confused with the animal or singer). However, it is not uncomfortable. More like an extra layer of skin....that sounds really creepy but it is a lovely feeling.

Having had a virus from hell for three weeks (yes, I was a little dramatic about the whole thing), my skin has been dry and has felt tight and uncomfortable. Facial oils have not worked, when usually they are the bees knees, but this product has provided the moisture my skin needed.

Supposedly you will see a visible difference after 21 days and I can imagine that this is true. Although I haven't used it for three weeks yet, I went away for a few days and didn't use it, and I definitely noticed a difference. So, my three weeks test starts again.... I will keep you updated.


Glass jar, which looks luxurious. The cream is a white colour and the only thing that I don't like about this product is the smell. It is very floral, which is not noticeable once the cream is applied to the skin but I do tend to grimace when I first smell it.


A little goes along way and unlike other moisturisers that I have used, a re-application is not at all necessary. Recently, I have been educating myself on skin care (thank you Caroline Hirons for helping me pass the time at work) and realised that moisturiser is the least important part of a skin care routine, but for me it really makes a difference. Mind you, I don't skimp on serum, eye creams, toners, cleanser and exfoliater either.... I really should stop spending money! Anyway, I'm a fan of a good hydrating moisturiser and this one seals in any product that has been used on the skin, making me want to stroke my face to feel the softness. I realise that this is utterly weird but hey, we all have our moments.


Only if I could get it in a sale..... now that I have experienced the bargain price, I wouldn't mind having it again. Also, I like to try out various moisturisers and I'm currently looking for one that makes my forehead lines completely disappear! However, they do look better after using the Visible Difference, so I will re-evaluate after the 21 day test.

£45 for 75ml

I bought it for £15 so will definitely try and buy it in the sale again!



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