Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Make Up For Ever 'Pro Sculpting Face' Palette

I often find that powder products are too much and make my skin look dry. With central heating being switched off to cranked up and moving from outside to inside, skin becomes a bit fed up.

That's why I wanted to find a product that I could use as quickly as a powder but that would add a look of luminosity and as if my skin was hydrated!

I know contouring is going out of style but, quite frankly, anything that will help define my hamster-like chops is well worth doing.

After looking at Kevyn Aucoin's 'The Creamy Glow Duo' palette and reading some reviews that complained about blending, I decided to try Make Up For Ever's 'Pro Sculpting Face' palette. So far, so good.

The way that I use it is with a 'beauty blender'.

I don't do the popular trend of painting stripes on the face and blending them in – no one has time for that. I use a damp or dry 'beauty blender' (it works well with either) and lightly dab it into the product and onto the face. It's quick, easy and efficient. Basically, it contours without making the face look two-toned.

  • The selection. I love that the palette has a brightening cream and a shimmer to enhance the highlighting process. 
  • The palette comes in light, tan and dark to cater for different skin tones and, although that isn't a huge selection, the light palette works perfectly for my skin tone and would work for lighter and darker skin tones than myself. 
  • The blush is a beautiful coral colour and blends beautifully. 
  • The shimmer is delicate and doesn't cover the face in glitter particles! 
  • The contour colour is dark enough to create the contour but doesn't look like you have rolled in mud. However, less is more and check that it is properly blended. 
  • The palette has made my skin look less dry and I have currently given up using my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, which is saying something, as I have been using that religiously for over a year. 

• The product can get a bit messy – not on you but on the packaging. Not enough for the colours to intermingle but enough to tell that it's been well used! 


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