Friday, 4 December 2015

Allergen Free Brownies

Namaste Foods Brownie Mix is free from 8 main allergens, including wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, sugar and others. With seven ingredients in the packet and only requiring the baker to add eggs/flax eggs and oil, it sounded like my cup of tea. 

It was easy and quick to mix and didn't require any baking gadgets. However, the taste is truly amazing. The gooey middle and firm crust made it taste just like a real brownie! Actually, it tasted better. I got my fiancé (which in itself sounds like baking term) to taste it, as he usually turns up his nose at my healthy style/alternative snacks and he loved them. High praise indeed!

They only downside is the price. It costs £15.86 for 850g. To buy but with postage and packaging, it totals £26.27. That's a steep price considering that will produce 12 medium sized brownies. However, for me, something that is allergy friendly and tastes really good is worth the money. Anyone who spends any time in a supermarket's 'free from' aisle will know the expense, but for people who prefer not to be bloated/icky over Christmas or for those who are genuine allergic to the most common ingredients, it's worth buying. This is one of the best 'free from' foods I've ever eaten. So much so, I am going to ask Santa to buy me another packet. Hopefully the price won't deter him! 


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