Friday, 24 April 2015

Spring colour inspired makeup looks: Green

Don't be afraid of using colour. If it all goes wrong and you end up looking a bit like a great aunt, either own it and pretend that was the look you were going for or blend it with more workable colours. However, I don't think that you can go far wrong with greens. They suit all different eye colours and depending upon the shade you pick, green suits the majority of skin tones too. I will let you know some of the brands that I used but quite frankly, this is more about experimenting with what you already have and trying out new combinations.

Using a flat brush, I patted a yellow/gold shade from the inner corner of my eye to the middle of my eye. From the middle to the opposite end, I applied a bright, light shimmery green.

Using a round shadow brush, I applied an emerald green colour to the crease and using the same light shimmery green, blended it out. Then, in the crease, I applied more of the emerald green colour for definition. I then applied eye liner (by Dr Hauschka, which is natural and all but quite frankly goes everywhere and the application brush is difficult to control) and then a coat of mascara. 

For green colours, Inglot are superb. The picture below gives you an idea of the wide range of shades they have that you can combine to create your own palette using their Freedom System. I also have a gorgeous quad from Givenchy, and MAC and Urban Decay do some great shades. For a cheaper option, Sleek's Garden of Eden Palette is pretty flinking flanking good. However, I'm not a big fan of makeup suggestions where you are encouraged to buy this palette or that specific brand. I would rather suggest colour tones and ideas that can be applied to any make up brand.

Inglot eye shadows - left to right, shades: 58, 477, 17, 24, 16

Sleek – Garden of Eden palette


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