Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother


Hair smoothing serum, which moisturises, prevents frizz from humidity and protects against heat from styling.


It moisturises hair and creates a smooth finish once blow dried. I tend to use a hair oil prior to applying it, but not always, as it is a moisturising product itself. What I particularly like is that it helps to give a smooth finish to the hair and protects against heat damage. This is very handy if you're rushing in the morning; it's fewer steps to do, even if it is skipping a quick spray of heat protector. The smell is yummy, in fact most Aveda products smell amazing – a spa in a bottle some may say! According to the Aveda blurb, three of the ingredients are bergamot, sandalwood and bulgarian rose. I have no clue how to describe this scent but a sophisticated spa day sums it up. 


The small or sample size is a tube, but the full size has a pump to distribute the product. The product itself is serum-like in texture. 


Apply to wet hair. The amount of product depends on how much hair you have. I fairly short hair, which to be fair, probably isn't that short by most people's standards, but having cut 5-6 inches off it certainly seems that way to me! (Thank you to Sam at Treat, whom I utterly trust to have scissors near my hair.) A 5p size is a good amount of product. I apply it to my ends and then work it through the rest of the hair. I keep it away from roots as I have fine hair, which can look limp and a tad grotty if it is overwhelmed with product. Again, where this product is applied will depend on hair type and how easily hair absorbs product. 

I didn't buy this product. I was given several Aveda samples, some which suit my hair, some which don't, so I'll be giving those to Jen. (Jen, remind me to do this!) However, if I had purchased this, it would be exactly the same review. Obviously, this product suits my hair type, so it would be interesting to see if people with thick hair, or longer hair find this a useful product – again, Jen, remind me to pass this over to you!


Yes but as I am fairly faddy when it comes to hair and make-up, I might want to try some different hair serums/smoothers first. 

£19.50 for 100ml



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