Monday, 28 April 2014

Welcome to our beauty blog!

Once upon a time, two little girls sat next to each other at primary school and decided to be best friends. More than twenty years later those same two little girls were now grown women, who really should have known better than to trek through the woods in high heels just so that they could take some photos in front of a pretty patch of bluebells...

But despite almost twisting their ankles and some unrepeatable foul language shouted at high volume (our sincerest apologies to the local dog walkers!) they did it anyway, because it was the start of a new adventure. The two best friends had decided to own up to their joint obsession with beauty products, come out of the cosmetics closet and start a blog to share concise reviews of their most exciting discoveries…. and that, my friends, is what you are reading.

Welcome to Your Beauty Best Friend!



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