Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sigma Makeup Brushes

From top to bottom: Concealer Brush F70, Angled Top Kabuki F84, Tapered Kabuki F86, Duo Fibre F50, Tapered Highlighter F35


I only found out about Sigma Brushes by watching beauty videos on YouTube by one of my favourites, Tiffany D, and possibly the lovely Allison 'Amarixe'. Initially, I bought the Angled Top Kabuki and Concealer brushes from a UK website that sold American beauty brands. I'm not a massive fan of the Angled Kabuki, it's too dense for me to work with and I don't feel that it truly blends effectively. The Concealer Brush is good and excellent for precision but didn't apply the product the way I wanted it to, especially on the under eye. As a result I felt a bit 'so so' about Sigma for a while.

However, in January, I had some free time on my hands and did a bit more research. I decided to purchase the Tapered Kabuki and Duo Fibre, both from Amazon. The Tapered Kabuki is meant to be amazing at pulling product to cover the dark circles under the eye and it didn't disappoint! It is truly the best under eye brush that I have ever used.

Having used this brush first, I had high expectations for the Duo Fibre and it certainly surpassed them. Actually, I think that this is my favourite brush...certainly, for now. It lightly applies blush smoothly and effortlessly. Looking at the brush, you would think that you would need to smoosh it round in the blush for it to pick up any of the product. Not necessary. One tiny sweep and it applies the blush evenly and brightly. I am genuinely surprised to see that with a change of brush comes such a change in product appearance. All my regular blushes (NYX cream, Sleek Rose Gold and Nars Orgasm) seem brighter and more radiant. It also blends cream blush really well.

On this Sigma high, I bought the Tapered Highlighter brush. It applies highlighting product very well, although I am yet to try liquid highlighter with it. I don't think it is quite as fabulous as the Duo Fibre and actually, Real Techniques has one that is just as good but it is soft to the touch and precise with the product.


Yes to the last three but no to the first two.

Concealer F70 – £10.50 
Angled Top Kabuki F84 – £17.95 
Tapered Kabuki F86 – £19.50 
Duo Fibre F50 – £19.99 
Tapered Highlighter F35 – £22.65



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