Monday, 28 April 2014

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+


Moisturising lotion for combination to dry skin.


Last summer this cult classic moisturiser got a revamp in terms of formula (hence the little + added to its name) having stayed the same since it launched in 1968. Since then our lifestyles and diets have changed dramatically and pollution is weakening the skin's barrier, so Clinique have adjusted the formula to address common skin complaints – dryness, redness and breakouts. After using it religiously for many years, I ran out a while ago and strayed to several other moisturisers, but in light of the updated formula I decided it was time to give it another go. According to Clinique the new version now offers all-day hydration and an ingenious new strengthening complex and although I haven’t noticed any difference to the old formula, perhaps the effects will be more noticeable long-term.


A light-weight yellow cream that absorbs easily. I often buy it in the tube rather than the bottle because when you reach the end you can snip the top off and get out every last bit! It comes in a gel formula too, but I find the lotion perfect for my normal/combination skin.


The quick absorption is ideal prior to applying makeup and I also like to use it in the evening as it has no SPF and is lighter than most night creams.


Definitely. I’d forgotten just how much I love this moisturiser! In a world of all-singing all-dancing products that essentially promise to turn you into Gisele overnight, sometimes it’s nice to use something that isn’t filled with scientific ingredients that you can’t pronounce and an SPF of about 4000. (If you live in England you are probably more in danger of Vitamin D deficiency than sun burn!) After almost 50 years one of these babies is selling in the world every 4.9 seconds and there’s a very good reason why.
 £17 for 50ml


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