Friday, 30 October 2015

Barefoot SOS Repair + Renew Intensive Treatment Oil

Up until recently, I have been using Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil (see review), which is amazing but not wanting to pay out 60+ pounds, I have turned to Barefoot SOS Repair and Renew Intensive Treatment Oil.

• Oil absorbs into the skin quickly but skin still feels moisturised. 
• I can use it under makeup and my makeup stays put (I do use primers) 
• I haven't had used other moisturisers with it
• Not overly greasy
• Sensitive enough to be used around the eye area so I haven't been using eye cream
• Thick enough to use on the body and hands
• Good value for money – £28 for 25ml 
• Vegan 
• All ingredients are naturally derived, so I feel all at one with the Earth! 
• This has made my skin tone more even and toned down some of the redness
• A little goes a really long way
• My wrinkles seemed to have plumped up

• The applicator does not hold the oil when it is taken out of the bottle. It immediately starts dripping, which is annoying.
• I am unsure how those with oily skin would find this. I have dry to combination skin, which the product has moisturised but not made oily or caused any breakouts. However, people with oily skin might find this too much. 

Despite the applicator irritation, this is a really good product and one that I wasn't expecting to like very much. I thought it would be a gap filler until I forked out for the Alegenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil again but I was wrong. I am going to buy another bottle to use as a body moisturiser and now I have got a handy flick technique sorted, there shouldn't be oil dropping all over the carpet! 


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