Friday, 9 January 2015

I Do Not Want a Sweaty Sheep on my Face!


Beauty products can be filled with 'nasty ingredients' that cause skin irritations and link to an increased chance of developing cancerous cells. This is something I have been researching in recent months as I have had to make some changes to my diet etc. for health reasons.

To cut a long story short, my good bacteria was killed off due to taking several courses of antibiotics last year, leaving bad bacteria to rave and party it up. To help with strength and stamina, I decided to cut out sugar and yeast based food. Uhhhh, it was dull, but worth it when I started feeling better after just one week. That had a knock on effect and I started doing some general health research. Hence, this is all fairly new to me but I am paying far more attention to what is in the stuff I eat and slap onto my face and body.

Before I begin, it's important to mention that although it is good to aware of these issues, this post is not designed to encourage paranoia. Using a small amount of the so-called 'questionable' ingredients that I am about to discuss probably isn't the end of the world, but it is certainly a good thing to be aware of what is in the products that we use. Especially when 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our blood streams. To me, that's quite a high percentage.

So, which are the less than favourable ingredients?
Petroleum, carcinogenics and parabens.

Why are they used?
They are used as fillers, to bulk the product and to preserve the shelf life, which tends to be seven years. That seems a tad long to me. 

Which beauty products contain them?
Multiple brands use them, so it is worth checking the labels. (I have actually stopped using Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream because it contains mineral oil. It's not necessarily harmful but it doesn't react too well on my skin).



Parabens: There are several names that all apply, the clue is to look for the paraben bit in the name. It is used to preserve a product, however, it mimics the oestrogen hormone, which has been linked to breast cancer tumours. Parabens have been found in multiple cancerous tumours. 

Talc: Advice to all you dry shampooers – do not breath it in! The talc is a carcinogenic. Carcinogenic = causing cancer in living tissue. 

Mineral Oil: It's the top bit of petroleum when it is distilled. It's scooped off (I'm pretty sure that is not the correct term). It is difficult to get rid of and so, is sold to cosmetics companies as a filler. It clogs pores and causes skin reactions, acne and can emphasise signs of ageing. It's used in baby oil and having done some research, there seems to be some controversial issues starting to arise. The other school of thinking is that it is ok to use mineral oil in cleansers, but only if they are ones that you wash off immediately. It's definitely not a product that you want to leave on your skin.

Petroleum: It does not allow the skin to breath and absorb oxygen into the blood stream, potentially resulting in premature ageing. Also linked to tumours, acne and breast cancer. 

Animal bi-products: Imagine this if you will... everything that humans will not eat from an animal is put into grinders. This is alongside road kill and animals from shelters that have not been adopted. Horrid. The remains are steamed and cooked. The fatty material on the top is refined and used as a cosmetic filler. A quarter is fecal matter. Now, I know that there has been a surge of unique facials using bird dropping masks but at least with that you have made the conscious decision to have poop put onto your face. 

Lanolin: I would really prefer sheep kept their own sweat to themselves. This is from wool and is a sheep's perspiration. It can cause skin irritations and poisonous if ingested. Quite frankly, it makes me feel a little queasy.  

With that being said, it would seem natural products are the way forward. However, organic/natural/botanical products are probably better for us but can cause havoc with the skin. Breakouts, acne, redness, as the skin struggles to break down the natural ingredients.
So, if I'm honest, I have been trying to find a happy medium. Products that are have fewer fillers etc. but will actually show results and will not leave my skin looking lumpy and bumpy.  

My happy mediums include: 
Coconut oil Good for you and reminds me of cocktails
Liz Earle products Thumbs up!
Ole Henriksen I use the Truth Creme and serum
Yu-be Moisturising Skin Cream
REN The Omega 3 Optimum Skin Oil serum is excellent and has a clean skincare certification

Do you have any suggestions for products we should try? Please let us know! 


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