Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kiko Colour-Up Long Lasting Eyeshadow

A few years ago, my sister hosted Christmas (she did an excellent job, despite the Turkey incident. God bless her). Any who, in our stockings, she had given the girlies Kiko quads, which were really pigmented and beautifully rich colours. Since then, I have been meaning to try more products.

Fast forward a few years to this year's summer hols. I found a shop in Florence and bought three cream shadow sticks. They are amazing. I can do a smokey eye in less than two minutes and the colours stay put. Admittedly, I do wear a primer. 


Creamy consistency – it applies smoothly and does not pull at the eye lid at all. 
Applies evenly. 
Does not need much blending. 
Pen shape means that it's easy to apply colour to the crease. 
Base colour/highlight colour is not too sparkly but does brighten. 


Darker colour a bit glittery but not enough to be an issue. 

It was such a shame that the staff in the Florence Kiko were rude. Rossana was clearly having a bad day! She lightly threw cotton pads that I had used to remove make up swatches at me and gestured towards a bin that I had not seen. When I apologised for my dappiness, she just stared at me and then when giving me my change, she rolled her eyes and looked away.... meanwhile I scrambled to gather my change. I doth believe that she is not a morning person! Quite frankly, it was pure comedy. 
However, Rossana aside, I will be looking at more shades and am likely to buy them up. Currently, they are the only eye shadows that I'm using. Full marks to Kiko. Hurrah all round.


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